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Interactive Offers Provides Proprietary, Programmatic Advertising Technology to Drive Growth for eCommerce Brands, While Helping Publishers Maximize their ROI on First Party Data

Performance-Based Advertising for
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Transactional Moment



How It Works

( Transactional Moments )

Publishers and Advertisers Reap the Benefits
of Our Click-to-Optin Technology


  • Every transaction on your site is a revenue-generating moment that you can’t afford to miss out on.
  • A simple, yet technologically advanced plugin is placed on your order confirmation once someone has purchased a product.
  • Once the transaction is completed, a complimentary offer is given to the customer based on their purchase history and buying behavior.
  • You get paid whenever someone CLICKS that offer!
  • Say if someone just bought a car. They may then get an ad for auto-insurance, a gas card, or more! Ads served are complementary and non-competitive.
  • You’re getting paid to deliver ads on your confirmation page to products/services that you don’t offer.
  • A win-win! More revenue for you and more customers for them!


  • Acquiring customers is getting more expensive by the day. Now you can cater your ads and ONLY pay for leads, rather than clicks and impressions.
  • Our transactional plugin places your ads on a publisher’s order confirmation page.
  • Once the transaction is completed, they’ll be served an ad for a product/service that is highly targeted based on what they are buying and who they are as a consumer.
  • If they click on that ad, you’ve got them as a lead, simple as that!
  • You can now remarket to them on your own email list and directly target this new group of highly engaged customers.
  • Stop paying for phantom clicks that don’t convert!
  • Our technology delivers active, online buyers where leads are bought by the click of a button!

This Same Process is Also Used
Across Email Ads & Site Traffic!

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