Market Leading Amazon and eCommerce Brand Owner and Aggregator

Upexi acquires profitable, data-driven Amazon and eCommerce brands. We inject resources into the business to improve operations, product offerings, and advertising to quickly scale revenue and increase profitability.

How We Do It

Growth Through Efficiencies

We Acquire Companies That:

Programmatic Ad Technology

We don’t just buy brands. Our purchase of Interactive Offers, an SaaS, programmatic advertising technology, offers advertising solutions for clients in the financial and health/wellness verticals, with planned future expansion into other industries.

We build data daily, leveraging our publisher relationships and helping other companies advertise efficiently, while lowering the advertising costs on email and native placements for our in-house brands.

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Our Partners Include:

Distribution & Logistics

Upexi CEO, Allan Marshall, the founder XPO Logistics, has taken his expertise and applied it to the consumer products industry.

We currently have facilities throughout the West and East coast, with a priority to expand to offering a full scale 3rd Party Logistics solution for our clients. Internally, we have the necessary distribution and warehousing to ship all of our in-house brands to further lower our costs and increase profit margins.

Current Locations

Future Locations

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